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April 27, 2008
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Demon Rottweiler by SMorrisonArt Demon Rottweiler by SMorrisonArt
Concept art for Altura Studio.

DO NOT repost, copy, alter, or redistribute art in any form. Only for Altura Studio use.
Thank you
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TheodenN Jan 31, 2013   Digital Artist
Great :)
so cool. gotta love the rotties XD
HollyHoundoomofHell Sep 7, 2011
nice pic. i love rottweilers! demons go overboard though, but it does make it look cool so no offense. ;)
wolfmoon25 Aug 19, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Ooh, I might think of using this shape for the concept of the hellhounds that I put in a personal project I am working, though they would be coated in flames.
I love Rotties and I have one. This pic really caught my eye. Very unusual !!!
Great pic and I really like it :nod:.
They did something like this on the Scifi Channel where the made a killer robot rottie. It's movies like that and The Omen that give this wonderful dog breed a bad name.

I just thought of a great follow up to this, maybe you could show the demon Rottweiler protecting someone or something.
LizTheZard Feb 3, 2012  Student Artist
You said exactly what i was going to say :D I miss my rottie so much <3 he was shot because of his breed as was my pit bull 2 days ago i hate people giving them bad names cause now we have to deal with the losses
I would like to ask your permission to repost your art in my blog.
I have a blog about dreams and this is almost to a perfect depiction of what I saw In my dream.
I understand if you cannot allow me the request because of legal issues.
I will in not claim the art as my own and I will credit you and the Altura studio in the blog as the rightful owners of the art.
If I have you permission to post the art please reply through a comment or note.
If not then I commend you on an amazing piece of art, and thank you for taking the time to read my request.
SMorrisonArt Nov 14, 2010  Professional General Artist
Sure, thanks for asking. Please send me the link so I can check it out.
swiftcat-mooshi Jul 22, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
One word: Epic. my dog, Toby, was as big as him (also a rottweiler). :+fav:
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